New OS Install? What’s your first Apps?

Today I treated myself to the Snow Leopard OS X upgrade.  Since I was upgrading I thought I may as well just so with a fresh installation.

The first thing to do was to back up my documents, music and Photos.  Two hours later and it was time to complete a fresh installation of Leopard followed by the Snow Leopard upgrade.   Another three hours later; move everything back (+ two hours of software updates) then for the next step I got thinking….

What are the first Applications you install on a fresh OS install?

I’m guessing most people start with there Web Browser of choice (I use Firefox) then staring running through your own chose of apps.

I was wondering what are the first apps you would install in a new system?

Answers in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “New OS Install? What’s your first Apps?

  1. I’ve only just started resetting up my system but but this is what I’ve got so far:

    Tweetdeck ( + Adobe AIR )
    Microsoft Office
    Vuze ( Torrent software )

  2. * Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera).
    * Background things like plugins/runtimes/media – Real Alternative, Quicktime Alternative.
    * Utilities such as VLC, IrfanView; followed by productivity – Adobe things + Office.
    * Misc stuff such as other internet apps and web server.

    Always a long process but worth it in the end :)

  3. I wish I could say that I would know what I was doing with a copy of SQL server 1865 but I don’t :-)

    Although you did remind me to get myself a good Text editor that plays nice with HTML code and also to get Dreamwever…. I know; but I find it good for helping edit CSS stuff.

    I have now sorted iTunes. Had to wiped my system and got a replacement iPhone all in the same day. So I need to get it working to get some apps back on my phone.

    Any recommendations for a good text editor?

  4. If I had to re-install, in order would be:

    Garage Sale
    iWork & Open Office
    TechTool Duluxe
    Print & Scan software
    Super Duper

    ** you really shouldn’t have to spend 2hrs doing a back up – you should be updating every day!

  5. @S

    You’ve right I should have to spend 2hrs backing up. I normal use time machine so the back up takes only a few minutes and I run a back up just about everyday. However, I needed a fresh install so I have to bin my time machine back up so that I didn’t end up with the same application on the new install.

    I’m sure there is a better way but my way was to no brain needed way.

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