Project 52 (2019) – Week 2: Window

I did a little bit more editing than I normal would for my photo this week (well 15-20 minutes) so thought I would share what I use to edit in case anyone finds its useful.

Basically I’m currently just using my phone to take all of my photos (iPhone Xs).  I use a app called Snapseed by Google.

You can get it for both Android and iOS.


Snapseed by Google LLC


I find it very easy for basic stuff like little colour tweaks but you can also do things like HDR, Prospective changes and some basic filters.

Almost all of the photos I take on my phone are edited using Snapseed, often just minor tweaks.  This photo a had to change the whole angle of the photo as I couldn’t get a straight on view of the windows O wanted to photo.  I’ve lost a bit a quality due to the amount of cropping and prospective changes; however I’m happy with the end result.