Wet January

I always find this whole “Dry January” a bit worrisome, I mean how much is everyone drinking to feel the need to give it a rest for a whole month.

Wine – By Phil GB

I’m not a big drinker but I do drink… I don’t drink if I’m hanging out with the kids, I don’t drink if I have stuff to do, I don’t drink if it’s a school night. Basically what I’m left with is very little and I will often go multiple weeks (Sometimes months) without have a drink.

So from my prospective I just can’t get my head around how much everyone is actually “cutting out” by not drinking for a whole month. Unless everyone is drinking just about every night and then I can’t help but think if you; when do you get anything done.

If I’m having a drink I’m going to switch off to everything else and sit back and enjoy it. If I was to do that two or three night a week the household would fall apart and my life would quick turn into just going to work and drinking.

I was however thinking that maybe I’m missing out on something so this year I’m going to commit to having a drink at least once per week.

After all I have read that drink wine can have some health benefits.


Not that I’m going to be exclusively drinking wine but I think I need to at least get some drinking outside of social events. I’ll let you know how I get on.