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Lazer Powered

Imagine it; you walking down the street with your mobile phone in your hand and then all of a sudden… Zap! your phone gets blasted with a laser to give it a boost of power.

I know wireless charging at distance is already something that is being looked at but I love the idea of visable laser beams being fired around all over the place charging up people’s stuff.

It may only be an tiny RoboFly but this is basically what the university of Washington are about to be unval at the international conference of robotics. A Robotic fly no heavier than a toothpick being powered by a laser blast.

Very cool.

News Link: Spectrum IEEE


Apple Watch – On it’s feet

I personally find the Apple watch my goto bit a tech on a daily basis. I actually own two. Now before you start thinking “what a show off” I actually didn’t buy them myself, (although I did buy my wife one) one was a gift from work colleagues and the other was given to me by Apple.

Apple Watch

I work in retail, mobile phone retail to be more precise and having the watch is such a good tool in my day to day. Being able to leave my phone “out back” but still being connected to all my notifications is invaluable. I also use it to run test calls and texts when dealing with service queries. The activity rings are always my goto benchmark to see if I have been doing enough at work. Basically if I sit down for more than five minutes I know I’m not working hard enough or motive enough to be in the right frame of mind for my customers (motion creates emotion).

I honestly wouldn’t be without one. I thought that it was just my particular job and my Apple Fan boy approach to the tech that made the device so appealing; not according to Quartz.

“Many service-industry jobs where employees have to be on their feet all day don’t allow workers to check their phones while they’re on the clock. But that rule doesn’t necessarily apply to a piece of unobtrusive jewelry that happens to let you text your friends and check the weather.”

They have rightly pointed out that although the marketing for Apple Watch is currently focused on health it may be better focused on the more basic functions of the watch like notifications and communications for people that work in retail or any job where they are on their feet.

News link: Quartz

Man farts a plane into Emergency Landing

A flight to Amsterdam had to do an emergency landing after passengers kicked off because a guy was farting.

the unashamed man was apparently not put off and refused to hold back

I’m not a saint when it comes to letting out a little bit of gas in public; but to refuse to stop and push it to a point where somebody want to kick my head in…. what a dick.



Masturbation Week

So apparently it’s Masturbation Week.

To be clear I don’t spend my spare time investigating the world of straddling your paddle on the internet…. much! But this little chestnut popped up in my feed from Mashable

“I masturbated with a condom-covered hot dog and nearly died. And my whole family found out.”



Happy wank week everyone.