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When Birds Attack


Paul Elcombe – BBC

I personally have never been involved in an actual fight with anybody; I few heated moments that I have managed to blag my way out of but never some kind of explosion of violence. If however I was presented with a situation where I needed to defend myself I can imagine I would grab the nearest thing to defend myself.

This guy “allegedly” grab a bird…. a seagull… and “allegedly” used it to attack somebody. Now that’s fast thinking… I don’t condone violence but if this is true credit for fast thinking.

I need the know the full details of this so I have put it in my calendar for April 7th

The Goodbodys Cafe where the incident Occurred


Wet January

I always find this whole “Dry January” a bit worrisome, I mean how much is everyone drinking to feel the need to give it a rest for a whole month.

Wine – By Phil GB

I’m not a big drinker but I do drink… I don’t drink if I’m hanging out with the kids, I don’t drink if I have stuff to do, I don’t drink if it’s a school night. Basically what I’m left with is very little and I will often go multiple weeks (Sometimes months) without have a drink.

So from my prospective I just can’t get my head around how much everyone is actually “cutting out” by not drinking for a whole month. Unless everyone is drinking just about every night and then I can’t help but think if you; when do you get anything done.

If I’m having a drink I’m going to switch off to everything else and sit back and enjoy it. If I was to do that two or three night a week the household would fall apart and my life would quick turn into just going to work and drinking.

I was however thinking that maybe I’m missing out on something so this year I’m going to commit to having a drink at least once per week.

After all I have read that drink wine can have some health benefits.

Not that I’m going to be exclusively drinking wine but I think I need to at least get some drinking outside of social events. I’ll let you know how I get on.


Fake “night mode” news for iPhone 11 Pro

A friend pointed me to this article from Peta Pixel about the iPhone 11 Pro’s Night Mode being a liar.

iPhone 11 Pro’s Night Mode Isn’t What You Might Think

It seems that the Night Mode on the iPhone 11 Pro fakes it when using the Telephoto lens.

Basically when using Night Mode on the telephoto x2 lens what is actually happening is the phone digitally zooms using the X1 lens and take the photo with that not the X2 lens.

I have personally noticed a big difference in video quality in low light between the wide angle and telephoto vs the X1. Only the X1 lens look reasonable with video in low light.

No major issue overall but for Apple to fake it is a little misleading from Apple who are normally good with stuff like this…. remember “ prone to micro aberrations”? PHIL GB