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A Winning Lottery Win

Whenever somebody goes public after winning the lottery I can’t help but check out who has won. The main reason for this is that feel the need to “asses” the winners, whenever I judgemental deem them as not fit to win I always think that it “should have been me”.

Nothing better then when it seems like the winner deserves the win. A storey recently about a builder that won then a few days later was spotted finishing off some work he had arrange for one of his customers…

I just love the idea that even with all that money he would care enough to not want to let a customer down. Leave me with warm fuzzy feeling and makes me even happy that they won.

With that in mind – here is a brilliant winner.

Nobody makes mix tapes anymore

One of the guys at work was talking to me today about different (Modern) R&B tracks he likes… I’m not a fan of the latest R&B tracks however I am a big fan of the old 60’s, 70’s R&B so he suggested he makes of a list of track he thinks I would like…..


With a list or tracks you got a playlist and in the currently world of having just about every song ever available to you at all times it’s so easy to pull together a playlist and share it with somebody. The problems is that nobody seems to do it.

I remember in the late 80’s early 90’s I would regularly make a mix tape for myself, make them for friends and more importantly in the late 90’s it was a way of telling my girlfriend(s) how you feel about them…. it’s now a bit of a lost art.

I can’t remember the last time I made someone a mix tape and having realised that… it feels a bit sad.

I’m going to change that and make my wife a mix tape (aka Playlist) as soon as possible. I’ll update this post with a link to it once done but I encourage everyone to make one person you know (at least) a playlist.



I always get a burst of creativity at the start of every year, the buzz in the air to do something more productive with your life often drive me to “give it a go”…

The only problem is that most of the time I ether quickly run out of ideas or the reality of going back to work means I can’t find the time to actually put the effort in that is needed to do what I want to do.

For example… I have just setup a new wordpress blog despite have my own self hosted WordPress blog that I could have easily use if I could be bothered to actually fix a database error on the server…. oh well.

So what have I done so far that has any kind of creative flare…

2000 vs 2010 vs 2019

Not exactly all that creative but as everyone else was getting involved I thought I would too. How I have changed over the last 19years… mad.

My Hyperlapse of our family New Year’s Day walk.

Bit of a tradition to head out for a walk on New Year’s Day and having got a DJI Osmo Mobile 3 from Santa (I ask him for it) I thought I would try out this new feature while trying to get used to my new bit of tech. I’m hoping that I can start to use this little bit to techno wizardry to help improve the quality of my videos. As always I have no project to record with my new tech for the idea behind asking for it was to ready myself for my inevitable “Start of the year creative spell”.

I just need to hope that this year I put in a little more effort and come up with something that was worth the effort… watch this space…. or not. PHIL GB