Apple Watch beams newborn’s heartbeat to family


I have been waiting to pounce on a Apple Watch purchase since the device was announced.  The only thing holding me back is Version One syndrome.  I wanted to wait to see how the reviews paned out before investing.  So far the general consensus has been that its a great device with version one limitations that should be fix with some software down the pipe.   So my head tells me I should wait; however when I see storeys like this my heart tells me to buy…

Source: Parents use Apple Watch to share newborn’s heartbeat with family | 9to5Mac

Liverpool City Centre

So this week was the start of my second month working in Liverpool City Centre, after working and living around Newcastle Upon Tyne for the last 35 years.

One of the things I always loved about Newcastle was the architecture of the city. From the bridges to the old Co Op building and the Vampire Rabbit (look it up) Newcastle is full of surprises.

When I was a kid and travelled into Newcastle I found I was always looking for the hidden little gems of the city; wondering down side streets and seeing what I could find. The greasy spoon cafe in the basement side street level of what is now Yates, down the side. They service the best tasting fry up in town with the worst hygiene ever. The £1 stuck to the pavement next the the Mayfair just so the staff in the Doc Martins Shoe shop could have a laugh every time someone tried to pick it up.

As I got older that changed and I switch to walking the most direct root to get the where I needed to be, I was no longer the explorer. I had become accustom to how the City felt, looked and sounded.

In my last few months in Newcastle I found myself looking up at the sights again.

Here is Liverpool I need to start Exploring.

Making Stuff – My first play with GarageBand

GarageBand is something I have had access to for years but have not give it a test run.  As part of my new year quest to be more creative i thought I would have a little play about with it and see what sticks.

Anyone that hasn’t used it before; its a music production application for Mac that comes as part of your standard install.  A version of it is also available for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) as well for anyone that want to have a little play around.

I have to say it is a very comprehensive bit of software that will allow somebody like me that is not very musical (but would like to thing I am) create something that could pass as music.

I’m sure with some playing about and investing a good amount of time into it I could pull together something better but it has some very good “Apple Loops” that allow you to create something basic without too much hassle.  So here is my first little creation from playing around.

Let me know what you think? or not.