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2015 – No Explosions

It’s the same every year, everyone is setting themselves up for a new start as the clock turns midnight and I join the band waggon of setting myself up to fail.

Push ups, sit-ups, running, quit smoking or just be a better person. Most people start off with great intentions and some actually achieve their new year goals but the majority however fail.

The good thing about failing on your New Years resolutions is it is almost always a very quiet and none eventful failure. No explosions and nobody dies. The only person that even knows that you have failed in your quest is you.

I would like to think that my creative side is the thing that drives me choice of what my New Years resolution should be. My previous years failed attempts were, Flickr 365, Beverage 365 (because everyone has a drink a day), Blog post per day and 100 push-ups (I had an app).

Everyone of my attempts started well then fizzled out as expected. Early last year however just after my New Years resolution has failed. I decided to stop smoking cigarettes and switch to Vaping; more importantly I bloody did it. Then in September me and my family got the option to uproot and move 200 miles away from my home town for the last 35 years leaving everything that was normal behind us…. And I bloody did it.

This year I’m not setting a New Years resolution; but I will be more creative. I’m not going to sign up for some gym membership; but I will be healthier. No explosions. Nobody will die. Not a better person.

Happy New Year