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Project 52 (2019) – Week 1: Beginning

So a new project 52 begins with the start of 2019.

One Photo per week using a set list for themes for guidance.

Queen Victoria Monument Liverpool

This weeks photo is the first light of the day rising behind the Victoria Monument on Derby Square is the centre of Liverpool.


Frozen New Year

The new year is here and lets be honest 2009 is going to be all about the money….. well lack of it.

Frozen New Year

As we land into 2009, House prices are falling, the UK VAT rate is all over the place, Banks are going under and retailers on the high street are going under like its going out of fashion.  While everyone is starting to thinking about how to achieve their New Year Resolutions I was wondering how many peoples New Year Resolutions are all about getting themselves sorted finically; instead of just ditching pork pies from their bellies.

Lets be honest if something’s going to go tits up in your finances its a high chance that its going to happen this years.  You could ether sort it out and get out of debt or you could just screw it; pretend that everything is going to be ok and prepare for the worst.

Personally I’m going to work my nuts off, make the most of my time and do it with a big fat smile on the face the whole time.

This year I am restarting my mission post one picture per week for the whole of the year.  Any one interested join in at http://www.flickr.com/groups/pic52/

52 Weeks – PIC 52

Happy New Year to you all – X