Illegally Rubbish

You may not have seen it yet but the BBC has opened up a webpage to let you view which artist has the most illegally downloaded tracks in your local area.

I find the whole thing a little bit weird; it’s almost like they are trying to promote how popular illegal music is and highlight which music you can get your hands on.

The more shocking thing for me however has to be some of the real shit music thats being shared on my doorstep.

Not one decent artist on the list; artists like Rhianna and Frank Ocean showing as some of the most popular.  If people are illegally downloading tracks and taking the risk of being fined and possible even locked up you would think that they would get their hands on some decent music.

The the number one illegally shared artist in my local area – Ed Sheeran.

To say I am embarrassed is an understatement.


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