Taking the Sparkle

The weather has started to get worse as winter approaches and when its too cold to go outside to take pictures you need to find another way.

I had myself some leftover Sparklers from Nov 5th; so I thought I would do a little indoor fireworks photo action.

I set my camera up in the kitchen pointing from a high position looking down into the white kitchen bench to give a clean background for the photo.

I set myself up an holder to stand the sparkler upright using a chopping board as the base to minimize any burns on the kitchen bench.  Positioning the camera at the sparkler to ensure only the white kitchen bench was visible in the background.

I took about 90 photo’s overall so that I had enough to find a decent shot.  I picked out my two favorites not including the one’s where I light the sparklers.

Due to the fact the two pictures of burning sparklers don’t actually look that different I decided to invert the colors on one to give two very different photos.

Taking the Sparkle

Taking the Sparkle Invert

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