Kate gets her tits out!


I love tits, even better than that; naked tits, big ones.

I have no shame in the fact that I like tits and there are lots of women that have no shame in celebrating how nice their tits are. They are comfortable showing them off, using them to make money or just using them to help find their Mr/Mrs Wright.

There is however I distinct level of difference between broadcasting them, using them and just having them.

The girls that want to use their breasts to make money can’t do that unless they get them out and have them photographed (or played with). They are comfortable with broadcasting them and so they should be; as long as it was their choice to do that. These girls tits are news they want them to be; and want to have them displayed in any way that they can as long as it helps them individuals in there goal.

The young girl that gets her tits out at the beach to minimise the white lines is doing that for herself not for other people. Yes she maybe doing it for her bedroom team mate or just so she looks better when she wears that strapless top she like (the one that help her pull) but ultimately its for her. I would hope that she would understand that the odd side ways look from admiring tit fans will happen. She is using them for her own goal and even though that goal maybe to get a good shag that doesn’t mean she wants the whole world looking at them. Its like putting a picture up on your living room wall. You want people to see it because it say something about what you’ve done or who you are. You just won’t want the world in your living room looking at it.

I’m proud of my penis! I really I’m; hes great! But. I’m not one for showing it off to the world or anybody else other than my girl. I have one, that’s it. If he ends up out in the open then I have no shame but as far as I’m concerned thats stillprivate and I would bet few people would be interested in looking at it. There is an unwritten rule of understanding from most people that they wouldn’t be interested because it’s private. The Duchess of Cambridge tits are no different. She may be proud of her tits but if they end up out in a private situation then they should stay that way. Not end up broadcast. Yes, yes public figure and all that. NO!

Why should it be any different? What she does, says, support and represents is broadcast to the public and yes she should be in the public eye for this; it’s kind of her job. She fully understands that to be the case; she dresses up what she does and says because of this. This side of her is news her tits are not news. She doesn’t package and dress them up for broadcast.

There are plenty of dressed up tits out there; lets focus on them people.

What is your views on Kates tits being in the public eye?


How many landlords does it take…

My landlord had his highly skill work force around the house today to do some annual maintenance.

Doors replaced; spindles on the stairs updated and a new ventilation fan for the bathroom.

All fine and well.

Part of installing the new ventilation for the bathroom involved a new lower ceiling for the utility room to allow some ventilation duct to be run across the ceiling to the outside of the house.  Very simple stuff.

The electrician arrives to ensure that the light blub was correctly rewired into the new lower ceiling. Job done; Everybody goes home.

It seems however that there was just one thing everybody forgot to check:

Metro Saves Money on Petrol – Meh!

The new advertising campaign from Nexus to promote greater use of the Tyne and Wear Metro system

I’m all for greater use of public transport [insert generic comment about environment]; for my morning commute I cycle to work; [insert comment about own self worth directed to making me sound environmentally friendly].

I have an issue with this advert.  Anything that involves not using petrol saves money on petrol.

  • I save £££’s on petrol for my own car every time I get a taxi.
  • I switch off the engine every time I’ve finish using the car! It saves me a fortune in petrol

My issue is it make out like it would be cheaper to get the Metro over paying for petrol to drive to your destination. The advert is located in Gateshead so my presumption is that the advertising campaign is focused on people living outside of Newcastle City Centre, something I feel is confirm by one of their online images. Petrol in not cheap, I get that. People want to save money… great!

My beef; it is in fact cheaper to drive and park in Newcastle City Centre than it is the get the Metro!

A off peak return for an adult from Gateshead to Newcastle is £3.10 (£3.70 at peak times). Cost of driving that same distance for a car running on about 40MPG basised on May 2011 petrol prices…. 7p

Take an average; two adults taking a 4 hour shopping trip into Newcastle.

Metro £6.20

Drive + Parking £5.07

When you drive you can stick as many people in the car as you like and the cost stays the same or an extra £3.10 per adult when you get the Metro.

NEXUS – Sort it out.

Maybe if you hadn’t spent all that money on the advertising campaigns you could reduce your ticket prices and actually give more people a reason to use the Metro more often. Try it. One week; £1 per person; per journey (including major connecting bus routes).   It’s almost like you think we live in an area where the road system is completely clogged up and that a integrated transport system is peoples only option to minimize commuting havoc.  Tyne and Wear is not London.  We have space to park our cars in Newcastle city centre and we are able to get there without it taking hours navigating traffic hell.

If Nexus reduced the price to use the Tyne and Wear Metro would you (when possible) use it? Discuss.

Five Point Science Dream

I often have crazy dreams but i rarly remember them.  Last night however I did remember my dream.

My dream was that anything could be proven scientifically correct using a five Point system.  Prove any five things correct around your theory and if would be fact.

In my dream I was using a loop hole in the system that allow any part if your theory being correct to make it fact.

I was using the spelling of the name of my theory, the fact the it was my theory and the three subject in my theory it make if fact.

My theory:

Dogs, Cats and Humans were all the same animal.

I called it “The Homosapien Comparisment Theory”

This then allowed cats and dogs to claim unemployment benefit.

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