Christmas Reflections

This time of year is all about reflecting on the year gone by and thinking about the years ahead, just listen to just about any Christmas song and you can hear it in the lyrics (excluding Bob the Builder and Mr Blobby). So here is my “reflections”.

These last few years have left so many of us with damaged hearts, heads, souls and wallets; but no all of us.

So many of us have fell down; but no all of us.

We’ve had challenges to overcome that some of us are still dealing with; but not all of us.

Families, friends, neighbours and colleagues have lost loved one; but not all of us.

We all have problems, but is your problem a 1/10 (my roof is leaking) or are you dealing with a 9/10 (the death of a loved one); some of us are dealing with a 10/10 and some of us just don’t have any real problems.

For most of us we can do a little more to support people in this world we live in together.

In 2022, if you can; please….

help pick somebody up off the floor.

Help fix a damaged Heart, Head, Soul or Wallet; where you can.

Support and help turn somebody’s turn 4/10 into a 3/10.

Remember the ones we have lost; celebrate and educate the ones we have gained. Help them understand the importance of looking after their Heart, Head, Soul and Wallet.

Remember for most of us things aren’t actually that bad; most of us aren’t dealing with a 10/10 and for those who are… we are here for you (at least we should be).

Most important; smile more… for yourself and others, as often as you can.

Oh and “Merry Christmas you filthy animal”

“Nine million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with smaller feet than my sister.” (depending on your Christmas film favourite)

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