Penrhyn Castle

Penrhyn Castle

I few weeks ago me and the family got out the National Trust Map, picked a Castle within driving distance and set off.  Our destination was Penrhyn Castle in Llandegai, North Wales.

Penrhyn Castle It was an amazing place to visit and to take pictures of.  The walk up to the Castle presented you with an eye full of a great building stamped into the amazing Welsh country side.  Being raised on the door step to Northumberland where most of the Castle have been subject to a “difficult paper round” I was surprised at the quality and condition of the building.  Built in 1438 then rebuilt in 1822 the structure is immaculate.

As we entered the building the angelic sounds of a Harp echoed out from the main hall.  There is nothing quite like the sound of a Harp playing in an amazing great hall.

One of the things that struck me while wondering the main building was the number of National Trust staff/volunteers that were at hand to conduct the “learning” if you where so inclined to partake.  I however was visiting with a |touch everything| four year old and an excitable 1 year old so the educational part of the visit was instead replaced by the normal blind panic of parent running about shouting “don’t touch that”, “come back here”.

Penrhyn Castle Fire Truck


Penrhyn CastleThe grounds of the castle were great with loads of “off shoots” to wonder, a reasonable park and outside gym for the kids hidden away in the forest just off a small picnic area.  The castle also has an impressive railway museum and mini railway museum bang in the middle of the castle, very odd but very cool.  If anyone is looking for a great day out with the family in Wales and want to let your little princess feel like a real princess and your little man feel like the king of the Castle Penrhyn Castle is a good shout.

Steam powered racing

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SMLP – Making Stuff Video for her Little Brother

Recently been updating my photo Library from iPhoto to the new Photos app from OS X (Post on my experience to follow) and I just could help be have a good look back over the massive library to see what was in there.  I thought I would pull to gather a series of pics and videos with a theme to see what I could do with them.

What better than to do a iMovie Project from Little Miss SMLP to the even littler Mr SMLP Jn.  Here is my end result.

Let me know what you think.